Cybersecurity- Risks and Fighting Back

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Just as we would protect our homes, businesses must also be protected from more than just physical break-ins. Hackers, like home-invasion robbers, will aim to breach valuable matter. Both large and small businesses are at risk of attack from an online hacker seeking important data and information. Cybersecurity protection is absolutely vital presently and for the upcoming year of 2018, as more technology and risks arise. Last year, 50% of small businesses had been breached according to a report from Keeper Security and the Ponemon Institute. As the stats have it, no business is immune to data breaching or cyber attacks. Within your business, data rises as clients and staff are added and updated. Cybersecurity is real and occurring regularly throughout small businesses in America.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know to protect your business.

Why Are Small Business A Target For Hackers?

Although breaches at large corporations often make news headlines, small businesses are still primary targets for many hackers. Hackers want to target small businesses because they tend to have less security than larger enterprises. Small businesses also may appeal since they tend to be less careful about online security. Owners in small businesses may underestimate their level of risk for cyber attacks.


Cybersecurity Small Business Facts

26% have no cyber security measures whatsoever

81% do not receive training on cybersecurity

68% have no formal policies for ensuring cybersecurity

27% of small business managers do not agree that cybersecurity is a high priority


Kinds Of Cyber Attacks

Although many businesses do agree that cyber attacks are a risk, employing the use of virus protection and spam filters may not be enough for certain kinds of attacks. Stealing and exploiting sensitive data is usually the objective of a cyber attack. Here are a few frequent kinds of attacks used by hackers today.

Krack Attacks

As humorous as it sounds, krack attacks are a vulnerable Wi-Fi based attack that allows hackers to eavesdrop on your data when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. With a krack attack, hackers can not only steal valuable information but infect your PC with ransomware or malware.


A dangerous program that logs keystrokes, keylogger can take anything it’s programmed to monitor. A Trojan keylogger is installed along with a regular program and is a virus that may not appear dangerous. They are also known as keystroke malware, keylogger viruses, or Trojan horse keyloggers.


Malicious software can be described as unwanted software that is installed on your system without your consent. This can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses and are often grouped together and referred to as malware. This is spread unwittingly across the Internet and can easily contaminate your computer by clicking on malicious links.

Inside Attack

Something we really don’t want to think of are attacks from someone with administrative privileges. Usually, this will happen from within the business and can happen from former employees, or untrustworthy individuals.


This is described as advanced persistent threats. This attack is long-term and a network can be broken into over multiple phases to avoid detection.


Phishing involves the collection of information such as login credentials or credit-card info through a website that looks legitimate. The ultimately fraudulent website “phishes” for unsuspecting victims to give information willingly.


This type of malware will infect your computer and demands a ransom. This will typically either lock your computer or threaten to publish sensitive information if a specific amount is not paid. This is becoming one of the fastest growing security attacks.

Security Solutions

Security software must be increasingly intuitive as these breaches are on the rise. Icon Computers managed services offer antivirus/antimalware software that defends your system against most types of malware and viruses. Managed service antivirus software sends reports to a portal that Icon Computers will use to cover any gaps.

Concerned about your business network security?

Call Icon Computers to request an onsite evaluation. If your current router has not been replaced in the past three years, your company network is most likely not protected.  Your business should have a commercial grade router that acts as a proactive threat defense and stops attacks before they spread through the network. Icon offers expert configuration and installation of firewalls, data backup solutions, encryption software and password-security software.

Businesses today are more mobile than ever which is a convenience, and a vulnerability. While accessing your business network and email from home, security can become complicated. At Icon Computers, we can custom design a security plan catered for your specific requirements. Our managed solutions are calibrated and security responsive. Our clients’ technology environment becomes bulletproof with our next-generation security.  With a managed antivirus/antimalware program, you can rest assured that your network and the many layers that are involved are dynamically protected.



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