Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses


Internet attacks are shifting their target focus on small businesses more than ever before.

Many business owners and managers still find cybersecurity a low business priority.    Some businesses have no measures of staff training on the matter, or any precautions whatsoever. Although many owners do not believe they’re at risk, thousands of businesses are accepting cyber threats as a priority issue, and increasing their business’s cybersecurity efforts. The targets among hackers include a variety of business types and sizes. It’s important to understand that they are all after the same thing… your money.

Data from Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report shows that nearly 1 in 40 small businesses are at risk of a cybercrime. Digital theft is becoming the most commonly reported fraud, even surpassing physical theft. A 2017 report claims there are over 3.8 billion internet users in the world. Many people constantly use internet technology to hack into businesses to steal money and valuable data. With the enormous cyberspace community, digital connections exceed our nightmares of technical advances.
With cyber threats on the rise, there are basic practices that every small business can do to keep your employees, yourself, and your money, safe.

Cybersecurity Training

Training everyone within your business will aid in the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Learning how to recognize attacks can help with early detection so you can let your business’s managed IT service company proactively prevent further intrusion. Online threats can appear on social networking sites, random google searches, and computer pop-ups. Not every employee thinks about the importance of privacy settings for their social media posts, and how some information can be used against them and the company they work for. Employees who work for your company should be informed about safe postings on their personal social media accounts.  Having strong passwords and not re-using passwords can also help prevent a cracked system code. Password manager software is also available for business use. This can be tricky, however, because your passwords are generated and stored in one place. Choosing the correct software is vital when using this method of security. Basic security practices and policies can establish proactive behavior and responses from employees to prevent data breaches.

Software Updates

Your business production relies on technology keeping up with your needs and demand. Updating your software is important for more than just keeping up to speed. Pop up messages appear on screens frequently for software updates. It’s important not to ignore these, but also to beware what you and your employees click on.

With a managed IT company, software updates are typically handled by the service, to relieve a business of upgrading themselves. If an update software message does come up, it is important for everyone to be on the same page, and contact the managed IT service provider for questions. Malware and hacking can occur in your business if you’re using outdated systems, which can make you vulnerable. Software companies along with managed IT service providers will work to update and fix vulnerabilities to keep your data secure.

Email Security

Nearly everyone has a personal email associated with a popular search engine or email hosting company. Certain businesses can leave employees having a specific email to use while their working. Having a secure email is vital to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks. Phishing is done in emails from hackers to induce individuals to reveal or share business or personal information. This can include sensitive passwords, credit card numbers, or valuable data.

Having managed email by a managed IT service provider can keep your programs up-to-date, and provide data security. When issues do arrive, a managed email service can provide infinite assurance and support for issues and threats. Virus and spam protection are also provided with these services.

Managed IT Service Providers

Your business relies on technology just as much as you rely on your technology performing correctly. Setbacks are not something we like to deal with, and most cannot afford to have their business production halted by technical failures and cyber hacks.

Icon Computers can fully manage all of your business internet technology, leaving you with the power tools you desire. Business production, success and stress relief can be accomplished with managed services. The safety of your data and business is a top priority at Icon. On-going support, proactive defense, and optimum system performance are steadily managed. At Icon Computers, we design a custom security plan for your specific business requirements. With a few assorted measures of cybersecurity precautions, your businesses can proactively reduce its risk of a cyber attack.


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